Characters & Skills

Characters, skills and items are your tools to defeat your opponent. A character has a specialty, 4 unique skills and the ability to equip an item. Items are similar to skills, but while a character's 4 skills are set, you can choose which item a character equips.

Character Elements

A: Name
The character's full name. The character's clan name is always written first. The second is the character's given name.

B: Description
A short description of the character.

C: Health Points
A character's health points. Health points vary from character to character.

D: Specialty
In missions, the goal might be to earn a certain amount of Specialty points. The specialty of a character determines which kind of specialty points a character will earn when winning a mission game.

There are 3 specialties:

  • Assassination
  • Collaboration
  • Disruption

E: Skills
The character's 4 unique skills. Click on the skills to view their details.

Skill Elements

A: Name
The skill's name.

B: Description
The skill's description explains exactly what the skill does in battle. For more information on the terms and definitions used in skill descriptions, read the Skill Terminology, Affliction Types and Durations pages.

C: Energy cost
The amount of energy you have to pay in order to perform the skill.

D: Classlist
A skill always has two classes. The first class is the Execution Class, the second is the Persistence Class. For more information on skill classes, read the Skill Classes page.

E: Cooldown
Shows you the amount of turns the skill is on cooldown after it has been used. A skill cannot be used while it is on cooldown.