Clan abbreviation: Akat
5,665 rep.
  • Founder: Knightmayre
  • Amount of Members: 60
  • Since: February 1, 2010

Clan Statistics

The Clan Ladder is based on Reputation. Reputation is gained by playing vs AI and warring other clans.
  • Reputation: 5,665
  • Ladder Rank: Rank 13
  • Wars won: 0
  • Total wars: 3
  • Ongoing Wars: 1
  • Highest Reputation: 5,665

Clan Biography:

Who Is Akatsuki?

Akatsuki is the first clan ever created and recognized by Naruto-Arena, the first of its kind, the front runner of all clans which set the bar for all other clans to be judged by. Akatsuki's history is long and deep and has been etched in the history pages of Naruto-Arena forever.

Influence Of Akatsuki Over Naruto-Arena

By far the most influential clan in the history of Naruto-Arena has been Akatsuki. While not known to most, the actions of Akatsuki have directly affected the site. Many of its members have helped and assisted the site in countless ways.

Influence of Akatsuki Over War Of Ninja
One of the most influential clans in the history of War Of Ninja, has as well been Akatsuki. Some may for instance know the member Knightmayre aka Nori, who is behind alot of the history on this site. Akatsuki will still continue to attend here for the greater good of War On Ninja.

The Members of Akatsuki

Akatsuki has produced by far some of the best and most diverse members of the site. Akatsuki does not simply care about the gaming skills of a person, personality, intelligence, pleasantness, and odor are all part of the criteria of Akatsuki. It has been said the members of Akatsuki have the best hygiene bar none of Naruto-Arena.

Akatsuki And You!

Yes, I am talking about You! The reader that is currently reading this, yes, yes that You! If you want to join, try to get to know some of the members of Akatsuki, if we like you enough, and your odor is pleasant and you don't smell like a barn yard animal, we might just invite you!