Twilight of Spirits

Clan abbreviation: TwiS
131 rep.
  • Founder: X3ro0X
  • Amount of Members: 34
  • Since: February 16, 2010

Clan Statistics

The Clan Ladder is based on Reputation. Reputation is gained by playing vs AI and warring other clans.
  • Reputation: 131
  • Ladder Rank: Rank 197
  • Wars won: 0
  • Total wars: 0
  • Ongoing Wars: 0
  • Highest Reputation: 131

Clan Biography:


• Welcome to Twilight of Spirits's Official Clan Thread. First established on January 20, 2009 by -Hakumei and Oxis.

• Over this past year, Twilight of Spirits has come to be recognized for multiple reasons. Whether these be its many great members, its multiple achievements at in-gaming, or the mind shattering innovation it has presented in the field of graphics design. With our one year anniversary at hand, we have maintained our original morals and goals; and we have recruited some of the most respected members: each of these possessing high quality in many different areas of not only the Arena, but their lives.
We will, before and above all else, have our name engraved into history because of the bonds formed within our ranks. Be it due to the past members, current members, or future members Twilight of Spirits will forever be recognized for the respect it has for its members. We will forever be recognized for the undying loyalty of our members.

• With these words, a tale of the New Age, we at the Twilight Nation welcome you to enjoy our thread. We hope that you will accept our invitation to visit and spend time at either our Private Forum or our XAT.
We do, however, ask you to watch what you type. The manner in which you are treated by us is solely dependent on your own actions and comments: if you want us to respect you, then you must respect us.