Clan abbreviation: Asp!
15,918 rep.
  • Founder: Asp-
  • Amount of Members: 28
  • Since: August 14, 2013

Clan Statistics

The Clan Ladder is based on Reputation. Reputation is gained by playing vs AI and warring other clans.
  • Reputation: 15,918
  • Ladder Rank: Rank 4
  • Wars won: 2
  • Total wars: 14
  • Ongoing Wars: 2
  • Highest Reputation: 15,918

Clan Biography:

Hello clan members of WoN. Welcome into Aspiration! We are an active and friendly community where people can make friends, hang out, share laughs, and enjoy games with.

If you are interested in joining Aspiration, please apply here! Thank you for your interest.

--------------------------------------[[ ¤ CLAN EVENTS ¤ ]]---------------------------------
Below are events members of all gaming divisions in Aspiration can join in on. This is a great opportunity to socialize with members all across the clan!

Movie Nights
If you enjoy watching movies, you can join us for Movie Night Weekend. Movie nights are usually held between 9:30 - 11:30 pm (PST) on Friday/Saturday. Please let one of the clan leaders know 1-2 days ahead through PMs or chat if you are interested in joining, so we can arrange movie time that suits your timezone!
-- Suggest movies in our movie thread.
-- Movies are announced on our main website.

Anime Club
We have many avid anime fans who enjoy chatting and watching anime together. There isn't any scheduled viewing sessions, we just watch new episodes on chat when they come out.
-- Check out some of our own member's Anime Reviews. You can write one too! Just submit through Here.
-- Check out our Anime forum section.

Game Nights
We play a variety of games every night. Feel free to drop by chat and get some gaming sessions going!

Below are the games most of our members play:
- League of Legends
- Warframe
- Hearthstone
- Smite
- DOTA 2