Clan abbreviation: RISE
18,808 rep.
  • Founder: Darkamante
  • Amount of Members: 4
  • Since: April 30, 2014

Clan Statistics

The Clan Ladder is based on Reputation. Reputation is gained by playing vs AI and warring other clans.
  • Reputation: 18,808
  • Ladder Rank: Rank 2
  • Wars won: 191
  • Total wars: 195
  • Ongoing Wars: 2
  • Highest Reputation: 18,808

Clan Biography:

Well if you're reading this I guess now you're thinking ''wth is this Asahi''? Well this is not a clan, this is organization of most powerful ninjas in this world. Why we are here? We are here to maintain peace in this land or sometimes to be a dark side to set free it from dictatorship....If you're interested and wanna join us, yeah you can try to PM one of the leaders, but if you're a noob don't even bother we are not recruiting unless you're good, really want to help us grow and want to be a part of a small group of people who all share same interests and have a same goal... and you think you're not a noob... well we're waiting for you in next the stage to see if you're worthy to join....