Clan abbreviation: -Ji-
11,322 rep.
  • Founder: matausis
  • Amount of Members: 9
  • Since: March 8, 2015

Clan Statistics

The Clan Ladder is based on Reputation. Reputation is gained by playing vs AI and warring other clans.
  • Reputation: 11,322
  • Ladder Rank: Rank 7
  • Wars won: 0
  • Total wars: 0
  • Ongoing Wars: 2
  • Highest Reputation: 11,322

Clan Biography:

This is Villains organization and if you consider yourself as a villain you can join us... forget the Akatasuki, Espada or other bad organizations we're gonna be the badest

Here I gonna post some clan avys, this is all my work and I'm just a begginer at it, but I think I'm making progress and you'll like them