Fight your Opponent

Combat in War of Ninja takes place in the Battle Screen. The Battle Screen provides you with all the information and tools to successfully defeat your opponent.

Assess the situation

In order to decide what to do, you'll need to get a good idea of what is going on in the battle. By doing the following checks, you'll be able to obtain all the information you need.

Check your energy pool:
You gain one random energy each turn for every character you have alive. Be sure to check which ones are available to you, so you'll know which, and how many skills you'll be able to perform. The "T" symbol indicates the total amount of energy you have.

Check each of the character's health points:
Be sure to keep track of the health of all characters in the game. If the enemy kills one of your characters, you'll not only lose the ability to use that character's skills, but you'll also gain 1 less energy per turn. The same goes for your opponent of course, so don't miss a chance to kill one of his characters.

Check which effects are active on each of the characters:
Effects are the remains of skills of previous turns that still have effect on the game. Effects can drastically change how skills work on a target, so be sure you know exactly which skills are on which character.

Effects are displayed next to the character avatar. To view the details of an effect, move your mouse over the effect icon.

Check the status of you skills:
All the conditions for this skill are met and a valid target is available. This skill can be performed.

This skill's conditions are not met. This can be due to lack of energy, lack of valid targets, the character being stunned, or special conditions noted in the skill's description.

This skill is on cooldown. While a skill is on cooldown, it cannot be used. The number indicates how many turns the skill has left on its cooldown, including the current turn.

Perform your skills

In a turn, each of your characters is able to perform a single skill. This includes all four of their native skills and the item that you've equipped them with.

Step 1:
Click on the skill you want to perform. If a valid skill is selected, the skill's available targets will be highlighted.

Step 2:
Click on the target you wish to perform a skill on. If you see targets blinking, it means you will have to choose one of them.

Step 3:
Once you've confirmed your target, the skill you want to perform will move to the box next to the character avatar. You will also notice that all of the skill's targets now have effect icons of that skill.

Step 4:
To cancel the skill, double click on the skill or on one of the skill's effect icons.

Because the energy distribution is completely random, you will at times find yourself down on your luck with energy. For these occasions the Energy Exchange is made. With the Energy Exchange, you will be able to exchange two energy of the same kind for one energy of your choosing. You will be able to do this only once per turn.

End your turn

Once you've set all the skills you wish to do this turn, press the Press When Ready button to finish your turn. The End Turn Screen will pop up now where you will be able to choose your random energy and make changes to the skill queue.

Choosing your random energy:
Some skills require random energy. This means that you are able to use any type of energy to pay the cost. In the End Turn Screen, you'll be able to choose which remaining energy you're going to use for this.

Choose wisely though; make sure you sacrifice the energy you have no immediate use for first.

The skill queue:
With the skill queue, you are able to set the order in which the skills are performed. Next to the new skills you are performing this turn, the skill queue also includes all other effects that still play an active role in the game. This way you can make sure all skills are used to their maximum effect.

To order your skills, drag and drop the icons in the position you want them. The skills are performed from left to right.

When you've selected the necessary random energy and all of the skills are in the order you want them to be, press the OK button to execute your skills and end your turn. If you fail to do this before the timer runs out, none of your new skills will be done.