Getting started

The Tutorial

You first start War of Ninja with a short tutorial on how to play the game. Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of how War of Ninja works. For more in-depth explanation of the game’s mechanics you should visit the Battle and Terms and Definitions sections of the Manual.

Squad Selection

Once you’ve finished the tutorial you’ll unlock the Squad Selection. The Squad Selection allows you to make changes to the squad you’ve selected. Once you unlock more characters and items you be able to select them into your squad.

Quick Battles

You are now ready to start playing quick games against the AI. Quick battles are the best way to earn experience and gold. Each battle rewards you with a certain amount of experience depending on the difficulty you’re playing on and how well you performed. A win always grants you the maximum amount of experience and gold, while losses grant you experience and gold depending on the amount of health points your opponent has left.

Leveling Your Characters

At the end of the battle, you can assign the experience you’ve earned to your characters. All characters start at level 1 when you unlock them, and the maximum level is 7. Each time you level up a character, that character’s total health increases, and you’re allowed to upgrade one of the character’s skills. Think carefully about which skills to upgrade though, because you won’t be able to fully upgrade them all.

Player Versus Player

Once you're confident enough to take on other players, you are free to enter War of Ninja's PvP scene. There are several ladders and tournaments for you to compete in. Each character has a PvP version, which is available to you the moment you unlock that character, so there is no need for you to level all of your characters if you don't want to.

Player Level

Next to your characters receiving experience, you also receive experience yourself. You start at level 1, and the maximum level is 50. A higher level unlocks more features like the Ninja Shop at level 3 and the Dojo at level 15. Your level also determines your Rarity Find.

Rarity Find

Rarity Find determines the characters you face when playing against the AI. Each character has a specific rarity, indicated by a number. You’ll only face characters in battles with a Rarity equal or lower than your Rarity Find. Besides your level determining your Rarity Find, you can further increase your Rarity Find by playing games on normal or hard difficulty.

Recruiting Characters

To unlock new characters, you’ll need to win battles against the AI. When you’ve won a battle, you’ll have the option to recruit one or more characters of the opposing team for gold. The price of a character is determined by its rarity, and you’ll have a 50% chance to to get a discount on a character for up to 50%.

Story Mode

When you’ve unlocked your first character, you can choose to start playing this character’s chapter in the Story Mode.* Each chapter consists of a number of mission you’ll have to compete with the corresponding character, and the final mission is a challenging boss fight.

Not every character’s story has been released yet. We plan on providing every playable character in War of Ninja with its own story. New chapters will be released over time.

The Ninja Shop

When you reach level 3, you’ll unlock the Ninja Shop. At the Ninja Shop, you can buy new items for the gold you’ve earned in battles. Items can be equipped by characters, and are great for further customizing your strategy.

The Dojo

When you reach level 15, you’ll unlock the Dojo. At the Dojo you can earn experience for your characters in exchange for time and gold. You can also reset the skill points you’ve assigned to you characters here.