Game changes: Rarity find and Tournaments

Posted by Yukigaaru Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 12:40 PM

First of all, we would like to thank the people that took their time to give us constructive feedback regarding the pros and cons of the RPG system released last year. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be addressing the problems that were introduced during this revamp.

With this update we are tackling the following issues:

Rarity find system


  • Players are afraid to lose their well earned rarity when experimenting with new teams.
  • Players find it hard to keep their rarity up when searching rare characters.

We’ve removed the rarity penalty in favour of a much simpler bonus system. If you’ve won your last battle, you receive the “On-fire bonus”, which gives you an additional 200% rarity find. We’ve also changed the base rarity you get from playing Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty.

The following calculation is used to determine your rarity:
Base Rarity = Player Level (1 - 50)

Easy = +0% (+0 rarity find on player level 50)
Normal = +100% (+50 rarity find on player level 50)
Hard = +200% (+100 rarity find on player level 50)

On fire bonus = +200% (+100 rarity find on player level 50)

Due to the change in the Rarity system, tournaments no longer give bonus rarity find as a reward.

We realize this does not solve the issue of finding extremely rare characters entirely. Please note that this is just the first of several updates we have planned, and we are working on other updates that will more directly address this issue.



  • The high entry fee for constructed tournaments has made them unattractive compared to draft tournaments.

The entry price and reward structure of constructed tournaments is changed to match that of the draft tournaments:

  • Sign up cost: 5 gold
  • Second place: 25 gold
  • First place: 50 gold

As mentioned before, more changes are on the way. We would very much like your feedback on this new update. Let us know in this topic if you either like or dislike it, and feel free to post your own suggestions if you have any.