Upcoming PvP changes and Ladder

Posted by Yukigaaru Posted on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 6:50 PM

For some time now, the most requested feature has been the re-introduction of the ladder. It’s been held up by recent additions to the game and the upcoming changes to PvP. The wait is almost over.

We see our new focus on PvP as a return to form. Although we are very happy with how the leveling system works in PvE and for introducing new players to the game, we also believe that this same system is a hurdle for the PvP aspect of War of Ninja. With the upcoming change, we want to make a split between PvP and PvE.

With it comes a significant change to the characters. In PvP, characters will no longer have levels. Instead you will be playing with a PvP version of the character, which will be equal to a fully leveled character with all skills maxed. This will be equal to the version of the pre-RPG era. Note that draft tournaments will also work with this PvP version.

The single player RPG aspect of the game will remain the same. You’ll still be able to level your characters and create custom builds to fight the AI and the bosses in the Story mode.

Unlocking characters will also remain the same. You’ll be able to unlock characters in both PvE and PvP. When you unlock a character in either mode, you’ll have unlocked the character for both. In PvP you’ll have the PvP version of the character available to you, and in PvE you’ll have a level 1 character waiting for you.

On may 15 the new ladder season will go live along with the changes to characters in regards to PvP. The news can be discussed in this topic.