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Cho Tournament #148

this tournament can be signed-up for as long as there are spots available.

Cho Tournament #148
War Of Ninja
Game format:
Amount Of Players:
16 players
Sign up opening:
Currently open
Spots Available:
No spots left
Date & Time:
Startime Deadline
Round of 16 When all spots are taken None
Quarter-Finals When a match-up is determined None
Semi-Finals When a match-up is determined None
Final When a match-up is determined None
Match length:
Best of Max. Start-up Time Max. Game Duration
Round of 16 1 05:00 1:00:00
Quarter-Finals 1 05:00 1:00:00
Semi-Finals 1 05:00 1:00:00
Final 3 05:00 1:00:00
On loss On win
Round of 16 N/A N/A
Quarter-Finals 2 points N/A
Semi-Finals 4 points N/A
Final 8 points 16 points