Where do I sign up for a tournament?

Go to tournaments list, and choose one of the awaiting tournaments you wish to join. Then press the sign up button on the tournament's page to join the tournament. Make sure to verify when the tournament starts. Joining a tournament without participating can be an annoyance for those that do wish to participate.

When do I sign up for a tournament?

The sign up time for a tournament can vary, in general the sign up opens 30 minutes before the tournament stats. To be sure, check the summary of the tournament for more information. The sign up closes either when all spots have been filled, or when the tournament is set to start.

How do I join a tournament match?

Make sure you have the latest game client. Close and open the client to be sure. Press "Play Tournament" in the client home screen. Select the correct tournament and your squad, and start searching for a match. You can also use the tournament tracker in the bottom bar to quickly go to the play tournament game screen.

How much time do I have to join a tournament match?

Once the match has been scheduled, in most tournaments you will have 15 minutes to get into battle. This time may vary from tournament to tournament. Be sure to check out the summary of the tournament for more details.

What if my opponent doesn't show up for a match?

Continue to search for the battle via the client. When the maximum search time reaches its deadline you will automatically be declared the winner. Do NOT STOP searching until you've either been declared the winner, or entered the match. If you stop searching right at the deadline you will find yourself a loss!

Once the match has started, how long do I have to finish it?

In most tournaments, you will have one hour to complete a single match once it has started. To be sure, check the summary of the tournament for more information. Both players are forfeited if this deadline is not met. When a match is based of more than 1 game (for example best of 3), the same rule applies to each individual match.

Do I play one or more matches to determine the winner of the round?

This depends on the tournament and the round you are currently in. In most tournaments the winner of a match is determined by a single battle. Though finals tend to be mostly best of 3, meaning as soon as a player wins two battles, he or she wins the match. Check the tournament's summary for details.

Why do most of the tournaments include a gold entrance fee?

An entrance fee makes it harder for people to abuse the system to get free tournament points. Match fixing to abuse the system will still resolve in an account ban!