What you need to know

Most of your time spent with War of Ninja will be battling your opponents in the game's turn based battle system. You will take on your opponent with a squad consisting of 3 characters, each equipped with 1 item. The goal of a battle is to defeat your opponent's team by bringing the health points of all of the characters down to zero using the squad you've selected.


War of Ninja is a turn-based game. This means that you and your opponent take turns in performing actions. You'll have 60 seconds to finishes your turn. If you don't finish it before this time, your turn will end without you performing any actions.


Energy allows your character to perform skills. There are four types of energy:


Many skills also cost random energy. This means that any of the four colors can be used.

You gain new energy at the end of your turn. Each living character in your team will grant you 1 energy. Which of the four types of energy you get from each character is completely random. The exception to this rule is the first turn; the player who starts the battle is given 1 randomly selected energy upfront, the other player is given 3 random energy upfront.